Hello! I'm Stina. 

This is a new endeavor for me. I am embarking on a journey towards self discovery as well as cultural and world discovery. I have always been fascinated by travel, and haven't had the opportunity to travel as much as I'd like. This site will document my current adventures and travels, as well as ones that have come in the past. I am currently doing my first work and holiday visa in Ireland.

I have many passions, the main five being art/design, food/drink, music, and travel/adventuring! When not traveling, I love cooking healthy and tasty things, along with indulging in a beer or two, every now and then. I am also captivated by activities that get my adrenaline pumping! 

I am young and want to see the world. Along with a determination to travel and a desire to immerse myself in other cultures, I am also committed to bettering myself and continuing on the never ending path to happiness.

And the best is yet to come.

I am a graphic designer by profession and if you would like to look at my other website you can visit it here

Also, if you would like to collaborate, meet up, or work with me…

shoot me an email at christinafountain@hotmail.com



I have visited very few places so far, but I can only hope that I one day I can fill the majority if not all of this map. I would be very blessed indeed.



Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich

Take a photo every day for a year

Party it up for Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Bungee jump

Learn how to play guitar well

Becoming certified in skydiving

Party for St Patricks day in Ireland

Learn a good magic trick

Climb a mountain

Learn how to surf

Try a beer from every place I visit

Ride in a hot air balloon

Go to a full moon party in Thailand

Become a proficient climber

Camp at Glastonbury in England

Sleep in a hammock under the stars

Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea

See the northern lights

Go to rabbit island, Japan

Become fluent in Spanish

Live on 3 different continents

Learn how to slackline

See all the art at the Venice Biennale

Complete 3 work and holidays

Get a tattoo on every continent I visit 2 down so far

Road trip across Canada

Learn to whistle

Go zorbing

Run a marathon

Go to a drive-in movie

Hike Machu Pichu

Volunteer for a great cause

Make my own beer

Go on a cruise

Work on a farm

Travel to 6 continents

Learn to snowboard

Pickle a bunch of fresh veggies

Dress up for Comic-Con in San Diego

Drive down the Big Sur

Get my motorcycle license

Visit every state of the USA

Learn to poi

Start a vegetable garden

Become good at hooping

Go snorkeling in the great barrier reef

Ride a camel across the desert

Teach English somewhere

Go on a safari in Africa

Attend a summer or winter Olympics

Go white water rafting

Holi (festival of colors) India

Learn to sail

See a broadway show in NYC

Hone my photography skills

Start my own business

See the Great Wall of China

Complete random acts of kindness

Dive the blue hole in Belize

Complete an obstacle run

Run with the Bulls in Spain

Get a hash brownie in Amsterdam

Learn how to code proficiently with html/css

Fall in love

Rock out at Wacken in Germany

See the Redwoods

Drink real absinthe

Float down the Amazon

Visit the Galapagos islands

Live in Australia

Gain dual citizenship

Go hang gliding

Dive in a cave

Go to the wave in Arizona

Paint a mural

See Stonehenge

Visit the grand canyon again

Go cliff jumping

Take a dip in hot springs

Sell paintings

Touch an iceberg

Attend the World Cup

Visit Zion National park, Utah

Stay in excellent physical shape

Camp in the wilderness for more than a week

Become an excellent type designer

Quit my job to travel

Eat alone at a fancy restaurant

Visit Yellowstone National Park

Adopt a dog

Eat a fish that I caught

Be able to do the splits again

Be able to squat 200 lbs

Race a car

Visit the Sistine Chapel

Help a stranger in need

Bike across a country/state

Swim with dolphins

Experience Songkran in Thailand

Live as sustainably and responsibly as possible

Learn how to fly an airplane/helicopter

Watch the top 10 movies of all time

Visit Easter Island

Spend Christmas at the beach

Learn a basic understanding of Korean

Drive across an entire country

Spend the night in a haunted place

Tour Patagonia

Feed a homeless person

Dia de los Muertos, Oaxaca, Mexico

Buy a gun

Visit Angkor Wat

Gamble in Las Vegas

Be an extra in a movie

Spin fire

Leave a note in a library book

Keep in touch with all of my friends despite the miles

Own a longboard

Try every food I come across at least once

Learn how to sing better

Travel first class

Donate blood

Become really good at bowling

Run a mile in under 7 minutes

Learn MMA

Go to a concert at Red Rocks

Buy only organic food

Wander a city with no direction and get lost

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Go parasailing

Hold a monkey

Watch baby sea turtles hatch

Be able to do back handsprings again

Stand underneath a waterfall

Start a fire without matches/lighter

Watch the sunrise and sunset in one day

Try to blow glass

La Tomantina, Spain

Make fresh pasta

Finish a crossword puzzle

Tube down a river

Drive on the opposite side of the road

Burning Man, Nevada, USA

Be happy