The Irish fall brought many interesting things into my life. My family came to visit, there were many adventures, and I was still struggling immensely on the job/financial front. However, an ended relationship came with a new beginning, starting with a trip to America, a new job, new friends, and good times.

The bros, being bros

As the Irish summer came to an end, I tried to spend as much time as possible outdoors. My brothers and mom came to visit in early September, and it was fun showing them around the city I now call home. We ate all the foods, and generally had a grand time. My family got a kick out of the Irish way of life and especially the Irish accent that I once held so highly. Haha.

SImon getting dowwwwn on that crepe. Aaron stealing my ice cream as usual. Glendalough.

I got to finally hike around Glendalough and visit the Powerscourts Gardens. I want to actually hike more of the Wicklow way, but with how terrible the weather is now, that may not be possible for a long while. 

As per usual, I love to cook, and entered a Mexican tacos recipe competition for LovinDublin. I was a top 5 finalist, and got to have a fun night out and try the other finalists’ tacos as cooked by the restaurant Xico. Unfortunately, I did not win. So sad. But to see my recipe featured on their site, click here.

Carne Asada Fajita Tacos made by me, the competition, and my tacos as made by Xico.

I worked a contract job at a holiday company doing design work for them, and starting working at yet again another pizza restaurant as a chef this time. For fucks sake. No more pizza jobs for me, ever! Ha. I wasn't getting great hours or making great money which was also putting a strain on the remainder of my summer plans.

My chef outfit aka prison uniform.

As the summer came to an end, a relationship ended, and I had to get out. I decided that going back to the States was the best thing for me. I was super excited, but also depressed that I was leaving the place I now called home. When I was finally back in the States, it was wonderful seeing all my friends and my family, however, I soon came to realize that this wasn't really home anymore either. I decided to accept a job in Dublin and go back at the end of just one week (which proved to be horribly expensive, damn me for being so indecisive). 

I somehow only managed to get two photos while back home. Cajun food & my baby girl.

But on a happier note, I wanted to quickly note all of things that I was super excited to have when I was back in the States:

1. Friends & family


3. Ranch dressing

4. Crab rangoon

5. Fireball & Boulevard Wheat & Irish car bombs

6. Legit Mexican food

7. MY BABY GIRL (kittie love)

Anyway, as usual, I'm very late on updating my blog. My bad. But life has been good as of late. I've made new friends, and have a lovely but very mad job working in Irish politics. It is actually hilarious to tell anyone where I work, because my party isn't well liked and people are confused that as an non Irish person, I work there. I also have been excited to get back into more lettering!

But ultimately, life is mad, but you do you. When people or life get ya down, tell ‘em to fuck off, and just be a badass mofo.