I have now been in Dublin for a month. It doesn't seem that long until you actually write it down. One month. And still no job. That's quite terribly depressing. Haha. Well, actually, I did have a job. For three days. THREE DAYS.

"Sorry, it's not working out. There are designers who are suited to working in the fast paced company that we have, and designers that are more suited behind the scenes doing the more creative work and focused work. It's better we do this on day three than in a couple weeks from now."

"Are you saying you don't think I can meet deadlines and talk to customers?"

"That's not what I am saying at all. Nothing personal against you as a designer, you're a good designer. There are just some people who are cut out for this job, like the others who work here. And some who aren't." 

"Um, okay, I don't really understand. Can you clarify a bit more?"

"If you want, you can use us as a reference, even though you were only here three days. Don't worry, we will pay you for the last three days.

Sure. Whatever. I really, really didn't want that job anyway. I did want a job though, so it's a bit bittersweet. I'm burning through my savings far too quickly though, which is a bit of a problem.

So, the job hunt continues.

Deer in Phoenix Park. They just chill like that. So weird.

Deer in Phoenix Park. They just chill like that. So weird.

Oh yeah, so back to what to do in Dublin when you have no job, no friends, and too much time? 


The weather's shit. People are generally nice. There's a pub on every corner and every street in the city. So what do you do? You go to the pub. You have some pints. You meet some people. You have some more pints. You try to avoid smoking cigarettes. Fail. And then you have some more pints. I know it's Ireland, and I know I should have fully expected and understood this, but boy do the Irish love to drink. And drink early. Everyone goes out so early.

The “no friends” part may be slightly overdramatic. I've met and befriended people. Really awesome people from all over Europe. Though it proves to be a lot more difficult to friend people who are actually from this city.

Drinking, doodling, and playing pool with tiny balls

Drinking, doodling, and playing pool with tiny balls

Drinking here isn't cheap either. Ireland, why do you have to have premeasure liquor? Free pour is where it's at! Seriously, jump on the bandwagon and drink like we do in America. So, since liquor is pretty expensive, I have been drinking a ton of beer. The beer is expensive too, but oh well. It's also quite bizarre how many bars you can find Coors Light on draft in. There’s nothing like drinking a shitty Coors Light to make you think of home. 

Oh, Kansas City, how I miss thee. Not! Well, maybe a little. Shh don't tell. The weather back home has generally nicer been nicer than here, which I miss. I miss the sun so much! And I miss all of my friends from back home, wherever they may be.

Do you know what else you do in Dublin when you have no job, no friends, too much time, and your name is Christina? 


I love food.

I love food.

Eat lots of food. And then feel guilty about it and go to the gym. Then drink, and get the drunchies, and eat more food. So many chips and so many potatoes! I miss Mexican food. And normal sized refrigerators. How do you expect to have five people living in a flat and only have a tiny ass fridge. With no refrigerator space, I can't cook my meals for the week, which in turn, means that I go out and buy food more often.

Damn, haha. Ireland 2. Christina 0.

And also, finally I wander. I wander frequently. Wanderlust is amazing.

Galway is beautiful

Galway is beautiful