So, what do you do in Dublin when you have friends, a job, and too little time? Well, you cry a bit, because your job is only for a month. And that month is ending on Monday (tomorrow).

I have spent the last three and half weeks working for Software Design, whose name very blatantly states what they do. Though sadly, they only hired me for a one month contract. However, it's been wonderful so far, and I am very sad that Monday will be my last day. My coworkers are all amazing and lovely people. 

It has been nice to get back into a more normal schedule as well. Working 9-6 kind of sucks, but when you get to go play foosball, ping pong, and pool on your lunch break, ya can't really complain that much. I am awful at foosball, but I have been slowly and steadily improving. Foosball should not be this intense! It should not be allowed for a person to sweat so much from playing foosball! My coworkers always joke that I don't need to go to the gym when there's the foosball workout.

 Anyway, I have met lovely people here in Dublin, and life has really been great. Except for the fact that I am now on the job hunt again! It's so sad. I am also going to Budapest and Prague in a couple weeks, and I am super stoked! Make some money, then spend all the money... At least I am traveling to cheap cities.

So much good food. And necks.

So much good food. And necks.

On another note, I’ve noticed that I need to take care of myself a little better. I have been indulging in the Irish lifestyle a bit too much. My diet has really been quite terrible, and with the constant chocolate and biscuits at work that everyone tempts me with, I am sure I am so unhealthy right now. Oh well. I have been going to the gym fairly frequently, so that's a win!

My coworkers bring in chocolate and biscuits every day. EVERY DAY. They ask me if I have tried certain kinds of candy/chocolate/cookies, and I generally haven't (except for the Oreos).

"Hey Christina, have you had this before?"


"Well you gotta try it!"

"Yeah, I suppose."

I was a bit hesitant at first, with the whole trying to be healthy thing, but now, there's no stopping it. Literally the only good thing about me leaving this job is that I won't have access to so many free sweets anymore. 

Bray is quite lovely. The sheep were so skittish though!

Bray is quite lovely. The sheep were so skittish though!

Besides work, slacking, drinking, eating, and the occasional gym going, I still love to explore! I went to Bray on Monday (since it was a Bank Holiday) and it was beautiful. We hiked around Bray Head and ended the afternoon with a well needed chipper and pint.  

Killiney. Benji. Beaches.

Killiney. Benji. Beaches.

I also went to Killiney a few weeks ago to go spend a lovely afternoon with my German friend and her host family's dog. It was a lovely day as well!

Though seriously, it's supposed to be Spring right? The weather has been so shit the last couple of weeks. Oh well!


On to more adventures, more writing, and hopefully a cool new job!